Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Time I Met B.B. King

B.B King died this week.

I had the great fortune of interviewing B.B. King one cold January night over a decade ago when I covered Arts.

My crew and I had waited patiently outside Massey Hall for a 15 minute interview. It was freezing. I was a young producer hungry to grab my interview. Time was getting tight. We were waiting for a CBC reporter to wrap up. They always went over their scheduled time. Lol.

When it was my turn, my cameraman, sound man and I boarded his tour bus and had the best 10 minutes. He showed me his guitar, Lucille, and shared a couple of great stories only Bluesmen can tell. He didn't rush us and was gracious as the most humble up-and-coming artists I've interviewed.

The best 10 minutes.

We said our goodbyes. Then, my crew hustled to take our spots in the media pit inside Massey Hall. And 20 minutes later, he took the stage, thrilling the packed audience.

The King.