Tuesday, November 3, 2009


"Umhambi" is a short film I made in South Africa for the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust and its income generation project Woza Moya. Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust is an incredible non-profit HIV/AIDS service organization that serves the Valley of 1000 Hills outside Durban. Woza Moya helps those infected or affected by AIDS earn money for basic needs -- water, food, school fees, books, clothes. Please watch my 60 second film and check out the sites.

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  1. Hi Albert! I really love this movie about the Little Travellers. I sell them on my website (www.littletravellers.nl) in the Netherlands and wanted to ask you for permission to publish this clip on my site and in the upcoming newsletter.

    You can also find me on twitter by @digilin
    Hope to hear soon from you! The movie is just great!