Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cottage Project

The Dock. August 2010
Fish Lampshade, August 2010

The experience of spending summer days, weeks or months on an Ontario freshwater lake is an idyllic way to spend vacation time. Those who are fortunate to have access to a cottage cherish the experience.

For some, the cottage space -- especially a quite modest and rustic space -- and its surroundings can be thought of kitschy or a cultural icon. EIther way, for some, the cottage space and its aesthetic often doesn't change. Most times, they're regarded as timeless.

Toilet Rules, August 2010
Wolves Carpet, August 2010

I took these photos with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic App during a recent vacation. The effect is interesting. The 70s-look prints could be from several decades ago, but they're not of course. Conceiving this as an art project and taking the photos in the series forced me to think of the cottage and its power in many people's memory and experience. I first posted this series, which I'll call "Cottage Project" on Facebook.

Does the effect of using the Hipstamatic make the subject-matter kitschy or cultural icons?

Coffee Mug, August 2010
Buck Trophy Hook, August 2010
Father-in-Law's Cooler, August 2010
Cottage Gothic Tableu, August 2010

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