Friday, October 14, 2011

Inspired by Bill Cunningham: Halloween in Toronto

While riding home on my bicycle yesterday, I shot a short video of various Halloween decorations en route. The idea was simple: I would shoot eye-catching decorations using my iPhone. I could stop, of course, but not dismount my bike.

This idea is inspired by the New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham. I first saw the documentary Bill Cunningham New York in April. (Here's my review.) The film continues to resonate with me for many reasons. There's Cunningham's Schwinn bicyle, his old film camera, his blue smocks, his absolute love of fashion, his principles and his compassion.

Not unlike Cunningham who rode his bicycle around Manhattan to get him from location to location, I've had the idea to capture various city scenes with my phone while riding my own bicycle around Toronto. The project starts with this video essay on the Halloween decorations found around various homes in Toronto. The footage was taken in Parkdale, The Annex and Chaplin Estates.

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