Monday, October 3, 2011

Nuit Blanche 2011: Everybody Deserves Love, Even You By Lynne Heller

I met artist Lynne Heller over a decade ago. Her exhibition Nine Sisters and 115 Unused Quilts was on view at the Rebecca Gallery in Toronto, and I produced a short documentary about her.

I re-introduced myself to Heller at Nuit Blanche on Saturday. She was showing her work Everybody Deserves Love, Even You, an installation that uses light, sound, rotating gobos and coloured gels. In it, the text from spam emails is projected onto stuffed white garbage bags. The installation speaks to the alluring power of spam email to interrupt our time spent online. You can read about Heller's work in her artist's statement.

Here's a video of artist Lynne Heller's Everybody Deserves Love, Even You:

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